Electrical installation

Electrical network construction and renovation

Many decades of experience at your service:

According to our customers’ unique needs and plans in accordance with the standards, we use modern technologies to quickly and efficiently carry out our work, cable laying, installation of distribution systems and other necessary works. During the renovation and development of existing electrical networks, we place great emphasis on increasing energy efficiency.

Touch protection, fire protection, lightning protection

We help protect the lives of you and your family:

Touch protection, fire protection and lightning protection are fundamental factors that are not just technical measures. They help protect our family’s lives. Establishing the right protection is not only a responsible decision, but an expected consideration for those who are important to us. We help create this security so that you and your family can live in peace, knowing that the environment around them is properly protected and safe. Don’t leave it to chance, trust us to protect you and your family.

Construction of distribution cabinets

Cost optimization with control:

Smart control technologies make it possible to reduce energy consumption, operate devices more efficiently and increase the efficiency of maintenance processes. Energy consumption can be monitored and controlled with the help of smart sensors and automated systems.

Electric heating integration

Home comfort:

Already when planning the electrical network, we assess the possibilities and advantages of electric heating coordinated with the renovation works of the electrical network. We place emphasis on functionality (workroom, kitchen, etc.), the features of your home (layout, energy features), cost-effectiveness, the harmony of the various devices and the integration of all these into the electrical network.

Decorative fitting

Let what is useful be beautiful:

If needed, our team working with experienced designers will help you realize your ideas. We help you create harmony in accordance with your style and the features of your home.

Construction of low current systems

We make your property safe:

  • Installation of cameras and camera systems
  • Installation of fire alarm and extinguishing systems Installation of access systems